Learning Innovation and Experiencing the Excellence at IIM Indore- Modern Group of Institutions, Indore

A visit to the Temple of Rich Heritage of Innovative Higher Education

A lesson on Business Management is not just found in the textbook. The course is not complete until students head out of the institute and explore what the students of Benchmark Institutes are learning by doing. So fifty students of Modern Group of Institutions, Indore had a unique opportunity to visit IIM Indore on 17.5.22, including Pharma, management and commerce Students. Students were accompanied by six faculties. The whole visit was coordinated by the Director’s Office of the Indian Institute of Management, Indore. 

The philosopher, true leader and guiding force to the management fraternity Director IIM-Indore Dr Himanshu Rai, has arranged this visit for the uplifting the education, research and innovation orientation among Indore city-based management institutions. 

Mr Saumya Rajan Dash, Dean-Programmes, IIM Indore, interacted with students and inspired them on Innovative practices and career opportunities. The lecture provided very significant insights. They also visited the learning centre, sports complex, spiritual garden and the horticulture cell. During the visit, students had a smile on their faces as they apprised themselves with regard to innovative practices executed by IIM Indore. The students said the visit was very academic and illuminating.

Group Director, Modern Group of Institutions Dr Punit Kr. Dwivedi had envisaged it with a view to give new perspectives to the management, commerce and pharma students. He was of the opinion that there is a great deal to learn and understand when you actively engage with institutes like IIMs. He wanted to develop a new faith and energy amongst the students. This visit will also create an awareness of the need and importance of entrepreneurship based on the latest technology.

According to the Chairman of Modern Group of Institutions, Dr Anil Kharia, believes confidence and hard work are the best medicine to kill failure. So, according to him, this visit was a whirlwind of learning and will suffuse students with rigour and thoroughness as IIMs discipline and culture are the benchmarks. He further says this will bring change in students from within, and this positive change will galvanize them further to bring change to the Business world.

Dr Himanshu Rai, Director of IIM Indore, wished to help students of Modern institute of professional studies, Indore, to become aware of their own selves, choices and opportunities that life presents them with and realize their potential to the fullest. He believes that this can be best achieved through quality education. He sincerely believes in the power of academics to lead the change that people aspire to bring about in our society. His personal focus is not just academic excellence but achieving it on the basis of ethics, integrity and a need for self-actualization. The Group Director and Chairman of Modern Group of Institutions said, “Ask the Right Question, and Nature will open the Door.” This gave him profound and sincere thanks for providing this wonderful opportunity to their students of Management. This visit will further open new vistas for the Modern Group of Institutions for a plethora of events, ranging from Academics to literary and cultural.

Thus students will get filled with energy and enthusiasm, and excitement. The visit was coordinated by Prof. Mahima Soni, Prof. Chaitali Pande, Prof. Mahima Sharma and Prof. Punit Dubey.

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