Is Nostradamus Prediction for 2023 is right or wrong ? About country, world and business by Astrologer Dharmikshree

New Delhi (India), December 27: As a Vedic Astrologer, I do not agree with the prediction of Nostradamus, and every buddy know that in the last 20 years, 50-60% of Nostradamus prediction are wrong, and if I see the horoscope and planets situation for 2023 Nostradamus prediction again proves false as in last decade happen.

So Celebrity Astrologer Dharmikshree further talks about 2023 in all aspects of its impact on the world, country and business.
Business and Industry in 2023

Dharmikshree references nakshatra and predicts that the new year is starting with Ashwini Nakshatra, where Virgo Ascendant also holds great importance for India. The main two planets of astrology, Mercury, which is the factor of business, and Mars, the factor of Earth Force and Kalyug, the strong position of both the planets will bring a lot of change for business and war.

Astrologer Dharmikshree is a renowned astrologer who has been practising Astrology, face reading, and palmistry with DHARM, ARTH, KAM, and MOKSH as a family tradition and inner spiritual interest. He belongs to an illustrious family of astrologers who have been helping mankind for many generations.

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Dharmikshree also believes that the impact of Mercury, the lord of Virgo ascendant, will positively impact business. A new revolution can come in the business of electronics and communication. Major changes can be seen in the field of media. Due to India getting more new trading hubs, there will be a new revolution in electronics and communication. This year, India is showing progress in business, industry and employment.

There will be a boom in the areas related to Venus. Sudden changes in sectors such as jewellery, luxury, entertainment, lifestyle, etc., due to the planet Venus show instability for traders in this sector. Gold and silver trader O is seeing ups and downs.

* Impact on the world in 2023 by Dharmikshree *

Dharmikshree also wants to tell something world that at the beginning of the year, there may be a big recession in the western countries. There may be a lack of employment in America. Which shows major changes in foreign policy.

In the thoughts of world war, the situation will become neutral with time, there will be a decrease in the war, and the main reason for this will be the recession of the developed countries of the world.
The Russo-Ukrainian war will also be peaceful.

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Where the question of a land dispute between China, Vietnam and India arises. The water problem will come in a big form, and this problem will surprise a lot of African countries. People will yearn for water.

*Future of India in 2023 by Dharmikshree *
2023 will bring big changes for India. Due to this change, a new influence of India in the world will be seen by western countries. There will be some more big changes in favour of India in the relationship between India and America. India’s economy will achieve new heights. There will be many big successes along with it. Major changes will be seen in the facilities and infrastructure.

Up to 70% change in comfort can be seen. India will get to host some big events. India can move forward to become a world leader. India is leading in making international relations this year will remain, and India’s relations with other countries will also improve. There is a possibility India’s concern about the same neighbouring countries is little may remain, especially in the region of the north a concern for India. The subject may remain, but the situation will improve in other areas.

This year finance and share market

Long bullishness will be seen for the market, but at the same time, volatility is also visible, which is good for the delivery market. But the lion market is showing volatility for daily traders. This year in the case of the stock market, for the general market, little can be challenging.

Achha Mangal is showing new progress in technology, digital marketing and machinery. I will see a boom in Art Design, Luxury Decoration, Interior Architecture, Glamour, and Entertainment.

This Year’s Education can benefit doctors and the medical field.  Along with this, there is also a possibility of major changes and progress in computers and technology.

As a result, with the help of technology, people’s life amenities may come. This year is going to be much better in terms of health.

Altogether the year 2023 is better for most people in terms of health and energy. Will remain The same people will take some time to earn money. It will take This year, and there is a strong possibility of love affairs and marriage for unmarried people. Going to be good this year due to Saturn’s change in Aquarius will become even more special.

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