Getting Second Opinion Before Significant Surgeries Can Add Certainty and Result in Better Outcomes

In a much looked-for initiative, top surgeons from premier medical institutions in India and Abroad have come together and launched an online surgery second opinion platform that can be accessed from anywhere and is for everyone.

When faced with a complex health issue or contemplating a major surgery, they look for further validation. Getting a medical second opinion from a network of expert doctors in case of some serious surgical procedures can add certainty and assuage concerns about the diagnosed treatment plan, thereby offering peace of mind not only to the patients but to their families. In many cases, it is observed that getting a second opinion may assist you further in attaining alternative treatment options and better outcomes.

Increasing rates of misdiagnosis and mistreatment are leading to dissatisfaction among people concerning doctors and their diagnoses. Their mistrust can be attributed to ill-advised or unnecessary surgeries leading to further complications, increased medical bills, and unnecessary mortality or morbidity.

A research paper found that taking a medical second opinion before embarking on any significant surgery has reduced the incidences of unnecessary surgeries by 30%. Also, with the help of access to advanced technology and constant innovation, one can benefit greatly by receiving a second opinion.

Elaborating on their organisation’s mission, the group of surgeons from different surgical specialities collectively stated, “SSO as an online second opinion platform for patients aims to restore public trust in doctors. Its mission is to assist people in deciding on surgery or any complex treatment. An opinion taken for the second time from a different source will only help patients avoid unnecessary expensive surgery and evade incorrect diagnosis. Moreover, the process assists in making a timely decision while keeping in mind the effectiveness of the surgery.”

Overall, a second opinion either assures you of your surgeon’s treatment plan or provides other best options.

A good medical second opinion provides smart, proactive, and informed treatment options supported by the clinical literature. Online Platforms such as SSO provide patients with good reliable second opinions sitting in the comfort of their homes. The patient can ask unlimited questions, understand the possibilities, and help in deciding whether to proceed with a potential surgery or not. In some cases, definitive diagnosis is not possible as many diseases have share symptoms making the process complicated. Hence, a second opinion could provide more information regarding your conditions and assist you in making cost-effective, smart and efficient decisions.

Certain diseases require a couple of doctors for an exact diagnosis. Uniform platforms like SSOs with a pool of 440 doctors on their network have information regarding all-complex ailments and multiple diseases and treatments. Patients seeking online second opinions must provide information about the disease, stage, and ongoing treatment and list their questions. Patients can upload all this after payment of a nominal fee. Once the patients upload all the records and test reports (if any), the team of doctors on the platform constitutes a panel to provide a multi-dimensional opinion. It includes every detail like the next follow-up dates, treatment recommendations and what to expect from it in the next 24 to 48 hrs. To consult, log on to

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