World Records Solution and Awards PVT. LTD. helps individuals to make outstanding records

June 16: In this 21st century, authenticity, uniqueness, and the urge to do something out of the box are a few things that make any company or organization stand out. For this, many of them have their unique USPs while some of them do something so incredible that it sets a record in front of the world. However, to set a new milestone, a person or an organization obviously needs zeal but with that, they also need a credible platform and a reliable guide. So to make every such enthusiast’s work easy, a trustworthy platform, World Records Solution and Awards Private Limited came into the picture. The company is ISO certified and has been registered with the Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME), Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), and Goods and Service Tax (GST).

Intending to provide everyone with a reliable platform that helps them set new historical standards, the team of World Records Solution and Awards Private Limited has been doing wonders. It does not matter if someone wants a platform to set records or wants guidance on how to beat those records, their research and development team will make sure to come up with personalized methods for everyone. With them, one can set a world record in every realm, be it tech, education, business, or liberal arts. Once you break new boundaries and get yourself registered in the books then automatically your credibility increases. So setting a record with World Records Solution and Awards Private Limited will not only bring everyone’s attention to you but will also act as an advanced advertisement technique for you or your brand.

One cannot deny the fact that there are numerous individuals and organisations that work towards the betterment of the society. These works can be in any field be it healthcare, education, infrastructure development or any other field. However, due to heavy work loads and responsibilities, a lot of time, some government officers are unable to recognise and appreciate efforts of these people and World Records Solution and Awards Private Limited is altering this and providing them their deserved respect. For the same, they organize numerous events to honor people who work for the betterment of society. The main objective behind these events is to appreciate the philanthropic and exceptional work of these organizations and individuals who have contributed to the society in their little capacity.

World Records Solution and Awards Private Limited’s board of directors includes Shri Pramod Kumar Gupta and  Ayush Gupta. They have a team of experienced Chief Editors as well which includes Veena Agarwal, Dr. Pramod Agarwal Goldiee, Meenu Jindal, Dr. Vivek Singhai, and Monika Gupta. The company has twelve different sub-parts which are India Star World Records, Women’s World Records, International World Records, Geniuses World Records, Uttar Pradesh World Records, India Star book of Records, International Women’s World Records, UK World Records,  Extraordinary Kids World Records,  Republic World Records, Uttar Pradesh Book of Records, and Uttarakhand Book of Records. With their amazing work in the field, they have published in more than 15 magazines. Not only this, but they also have received around 11500 awards and recognitions. Also, they have a long list of record holders associated with them.

World Records Solution and Awards Private Limited has worked with various companies, a few of their clients are Adani Foundation, Raman Sarkar, and Navratna Oil. With the Adani Foundation, they created a milestone and entered the India Star Book of Records for the most number of people taking a pledge together. 6,80,608 students from 1728 schools came target and took a pledge for #CleanIndia. Whereas they helped the Raman Sarkar in making a record for planting more than 80 million plants in 9,500 venues. This not only helped Dr. Raman in getting his efforts recognized but also made the people of Chhattisgarh even more aware of mother earth. The Navratana’s Saarthi campaign made a record for bringing more than 5067 truck drivers together for a road safety drive. They have also worked with health camps organized by cabinet ministers. They have helped these health camps achieve records like most X-Rays and MRI screenings.

The company surely does it all and for the convenience of the people, they guide individuals who want to set a world record in Guinness Book of World Records and Limca Book Of Records without charging them a single penny (with terms and conditions applied). So now if you are inclined toward the services provided by the World Records Solution and Awards Private Limited, then register yourself at the earliest. All you have to do is to go to their web page, click on the apply now option, fill out the form and one of their executives will reach out to you. Then you will be all set to break and make new records in your desired realm.

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