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Top 10 Most Influential Business Leaders in 2021 by The Indian Alert

New Delhi [India], October 6: They say 'successful entrepreneurs are made, not born.' The Indian Alert, in association with Digisharks Communications, is proud to present the list of Top 10 Most Influential Business Leaders in 2021 from various industry sectors who have changed the business world with their innovative ideas and professionalism.1 Dr. Harpreet Pasricha - Renowned diet and weight loss consultant: Dr. Harpreet Pasricha is the Founder of Diet Dr Clinic and an admired nutritionist & weight loss expert. With over 21 years of experience in the wellness space, she is also a columnist for various magazines and author of Nourish with Food & Flourish with Health.Her concept of detoxification, rejuvenation, nourishment and maintenance is a theory of a healthier tomorrow.D...