An Overview of The Book By Manoj Kumar Sharma Me No Pause Me Play

New Delhi [India], May 18: The celebrated Indian author of Three Masterpieces Mirrro, JUHHHU and *Me No Pause Me Play*, Manoj Sharma has been in light for his outstanding body of work that encompasses various messages along with enthralling amusement to society. His literature reflects his ideologies, philosophies, thoughts and norms through his ink that further resonates with readers across the nation. His books are classic literary contributions to society. But when we talk about his outstanding piece Me No Pause Me Play, He has brewed every part of the book *Me No Pause Me Play* with revolution, harshness, reality, and has created a bang on pathetic practices, heinous incidents, and brutality of women’s life. 

Chapters are stomach wrenching, soul triggering and simultaneously hidden questions to society as *Why.* this book serves as a hamper bucket of Social Ecology, which involved in-depth notions in psychology, criminology, ecology, and sociology. A reader can find the awareness, guilt, question and rebel in every part of the book, which emphasize the plenty of emotions of an author’s pain and scream towards the very serious issue of the female body.

It is true that ” *Prose and Poetry can also cause confrontations with established societal hierarchies and new lenses of change* “. So, he has justified that very thought in his books. On the other rigid side of the same coin comes *Me No Pause Me Play *. This book is serving a tribute to the celebration of self-respect, harmony, strength, circumtancial weakness, integrity and stubbornness of a lady through ages.

No doubt, this masterpiece is a treasure trove of social themes, patterns, practices and beliefs towards a lady as daughter, sister, wife, mother and friend. His contribution in the book is no less than a vivid effort to instill a social reform against limitations or dark beliefs, and definitely a plea of justice *through a lady Jasmona for the lady Dolly* This book describes the involuntary shaping and helplessness of a lady in several circumstances of life. 

His books are sharp delving into complex social, political pressures. Me No Pause Me Play is an ode to all the ideas and situations as it is a lesson for males like Rajat, motivation for females like Dolly and no doubt an example for doctors, that how can somebody be treated not just with medicine and clinical practices but also the emotional and psychological balance too. Author has very fine features of highlighting the serious issue of women’s health with so much perfection and entertainment. He knows how to create relevancy throughout the book. 

Even the terms that he used, chapter names and everything was meaningful in certain ways. Through his characters, dialogues and write-ups, he explores fake structures, beliefs, women rights, malpractices, and clash between tradition or change. He can be considered as an ardent advocate for women’s rights, health integrity, values and strength but her books are philosophical insights for peace, morality, culture, respect, harmony, humanity, awareness, art and reforms. His write-ups are brave enough to offer a timeless light to reflection of human condition in history, contemporary and future too.

He writes to inspire readers, writers, and society across the borders. I believe that he will keep inspiring and demonstrating the enduring power of literature to shape and transform society.


Pawana Tripathi (Author)

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